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Camping Völlan

Family Holzner
Zehentweg 6
I-39011 Völlan/Lana
South Tyrol/Italy

Tel.: +39 0473 568056
Fax: +39 0473 557 249
Web page:


Camping Völlan d. Elmar Holzner & Co. KG
Legal Representative: Elmar Holzner
VAT: IT01192480216
Tax number: 01192480216
Register of Companies of Bolzano/Bozen N.: 11713

Concept, layout, programming and CMS

aries.creative sas of Anna Dallemulle & Co.
Zona industriale 1/5
I-39011 Lana
Tel.: +39 0473 490800
Fax: +39 0473 490801
Web page:
VAT & TAX 01433200217
Register of Companies of Bolzano/Bozen N.: 01433200217


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