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A warm welcome to the Camping Völlan
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Some suggestions to discover our mountains

Our campsite is located in a perfect position to start fantastic walks and hikes in the most beautiful areas of South Tyrol.

1. Hike around Völlan:
Walking time 2 ½ hours
Form the campsite walk up to the church, follow the Probst-Wieser-Weg up to the Nagele Hof and at the capital turn left and pass by the Taubenheim, Gruberhof, Tratterhof und Gallhof (Mark 2-3-4). Here you can enjoy the wonderful view over the alpine scenery and the majestic Dolomites. After the Gallhof turn left and follow the signal "Völlaner Badl" (the Bath of Völlan has always been renowned for its therapeutic properties. The large bath will bring you downwards through the orchards to the centre of Völlan. Otherwise from the Gallhof you can proceed towards Platzers, a nice village with many spots to stop for a bite to eat.

Other hiking and walking trails:
  • Völlan – Talmühle – St. Hypolit Church
  • Sculpture and artistic path in Lana
  • Felt walking path in Tisens
  • Burggrafenamt – Prissian – Grissian – St. Jakob – Pasture Maiglöckleinwiesen – Gfrill – Prissian
  • Marling Waalweg – one of the most famous path along ancient irrigation ditches in South Tyrol
  • Burggrafenamt – Lana – Mount St. Vigil – Alp Bärenbad – Rauer Bühel – Mount Nörderberg – Peak Hochwart
  • Ulten Valley – to the millenary larches in the green valley
  • Laugen – from Mitterbad to the top of the mount Laugen
  • Ulten Valley – Seeweg (lage road) – around the Zoggler artificial lake
  • Ulten Valley – Hasenohr (3257 m)
  • Hiking route Meraner Höhenweg
  • From St. Felix to the Lake of Tret
  • Meraner Promenades along the river Passer – the famous Tappeiner Promenades
  • To the natural lake Weissbrunner (white spring) – exciting tour at the end of the Ulten Valley
  • We are at your complete disposal for detailed information about the above mentioned tours!

Mountain bike tours
  • Round trip on the Vigil Mount (20,9 km, 3 h, 464 alt. diff.)
  • Round tour in the Ulten Valley (26,8 km, 2 h, 456 alt. diff.)
  • Moosweg (19,9 km, 2 h, 726 alt. diff.)
  • Tour of the farms in the Ulten Valley (31,86 km, 3 h 50 min, 1078 alt. diff.)
  • Tour of the pastures in the Ulten Valley (29,5 km, 3 h 50 min, 1219 alt. diff.)
  • Tour on the hillside of Lana (28,2 km, 2 h 30 min, 795 alt. diff.)
  • Mariolberg (19,4 km, 3 h, 1019 alt. diff.)
  • Mount of Marling (28,6 km, 3 h 20 min, 1352 alt. diff.)
  • Mount Tisner Gall (25,1 km, 2 h 30 min, 1007 alt. diff.)
  • Platzerer saddle (24,2 km, 3 h, 1078 alt. diff.)
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