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Children too want to enjoy the delights of camping!

Children and families are always welcome in our campsite.

The outdoor swimming pool is ideal for some pleasant hours of fun and rest amidst nature.

Some hints for children and parents to enjoy all the delights of the surrounding area:

1. Knightly escapades at the Castle Churburg
One of the mightiest and best preserved castles of South Tyrol caters for adventurous experiences. Its armoury is world famous, the largest collection of its kind, with weapons and coats-of-arms of incomparable artistic workmanship. The chapel, the halls and all sumptuous rooms contain historical objects of immense importance and their visit is made memorable if Mr Tschenett accompanies it with thrilling stories of ancient times...

2. Bird Care Centre of Castel Tyrol
The aim of the centre is to treat injured wild birds and to release them into nature. Why is it worth a visit? There are twice-daily demonstrations with birds of prey – an exciting display! Falcons, eagles, vultures, owls, buzzards – and a castle with a view that makes you wish you could fly…

3. High rope trail near Meran
The course belongs to the alpine Family Hut Taser which features a wide playground, a little mountain zoo and an Indian camp as well. To go on a high rope course, you need above all one thing: overcoming! Steel cables, rope bridges and normal ropes are anchored between trees in 15m height and form different obstacles which build a challenging whole. On 1.500m altitude the obstacles guide you through spruces and larches in an undisturbed mountain forest. A breathtaking experience… even if you look from the ground!

4. A voyage in the past with Ötzi – South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology
The South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology presents history and prehistory in an unusual and interesting way to children and adults. The little archaeologists will discover all secrets of ancient epochs and of the life of Ötzi the Iceman: what did he wear? What did he eat? How did he use his tools?

5. The canyon of Aldein - Geo Park Bletterbach
An adventurous but safe walk through a breathtaking gorge, through geological treasures and a wide variety of types of landscape which will show you the development of the earth and of mankind, from an unusual perspective. The walk through the gorge, and around the Bletterbach geological park, is a special experience which takes you on a journey through millions of years of geological history.

6. ArcheoParc in the Schnals Valley
This archaeological park is to recreate the past as vividly as possible in the landscape where the Iceman lived. Guided visits, different workshops and events are organized to let young and elder visitors experience ancient habits and lives. Founding copper, making bread, archery, wood colouring and weaving and just some of the activities organized.